Annual Presidents’ Seminar: The View from the Top

RMG’s Annual Presidents’ Seminars (The View from the Top) at ALA Midwinter Conferences invite global ILS company executives to focus on industry initiatives and trends. Rob McGee develops the topics and themes, and leads these seminars

Seminar Topics by Year

1991 - Library Automation In The Nineties
1992 - Hot Topics In Library Automation
1993 - Issues In Library Automation
1994 - The National Information Infrastructure
1995 - The Digital Library
1996 - What Business Are We In?
1997 - Re-Engineering The Library Industry
1998 - Predicting The Next Three Years Of Library Technology
1999 - Will E-Books ‘Change The Game’ For Libraries?
2000 - Libraries In The 21st Century
2001 - Industry Leaders Give Their Best Advice To Libraries In These Changing Times
2002 - In These Times, What Is Important To Libraries And The People Who Use Them?
2003 - Library Portals -- What Are They, What Is Their Future, And Who Should Provide Them?
2004 - Managing Content In Library And Learning Environments
2005 - The New Integrated Library System: An Enterprise Solution
2006 - State of the ILS Industry: Consolidation, Competition, and Technology Challenges
2007 - Wow Factor Technologies: Source, Demand, Strategy
2008 - Checks and Balances in the ILS Industry: Founders’ Values, Investors’ Interests, Open Source ILSs
2009 - Starting Over: Re-Inventing the Integrated Library System and the Library Automation Industry
2010 - Forces of Change Sweep Across the Library Automation Landscape
2011 - Reformation of the Library Automation Industry: Software as a Service (SaaS) Disrupts Traditional ILS Pricing Models
2012 - Invasion of the Customer Snatchers into a Saturated and Content-Driven ILS Marketplace
2013 - Town Hall e-Book Discussions
2014 - RMG Town Hall 2: Discovery, e-Books, Demand-Driven Acquisitions
2015 - Improving Library ROI in Technology, Content, and HR
2016 - What's Important?
2017 - Will FOLIO inspire a new era?