RMG began this series of free public seminars  at the 1991 American Library Association Midwinter Conference, when the presidents and top executive of 15 leading automated system companies were invited to participate in RMG's Tenth Anniversary Seminar, a panel discussion on "Library Automation in the Nineties."

Then, and until Midwinter 1999, RMG  selected the participating  companies on the basis of tables in Library Journal's annual April library automation industry survey article that identify the top vendors -- usually based on market-share or the sales during the previous year. Use of this article provided an objective, third-party mechanism for selection, and removes from question the basis of RMG's invitation of participants.

Starting at Midwinter 2000, in an effort to broaden the scope, RMG began to invite panelists not just from automated system vendors, but from book distributors, database providers, and e-book companies. Seminar participants were chosen by RMG based upon input from past seminar participants .

This seminar, sponsored by RMG, is the only presentation of its kind on the industry where key leaders exchange ideas on issues of interest, and do not make presentations on their own products and services. Rob McGee develops the topics and themes, and leads these seminars.

RMG's 28th Annual Presidents' Seminar: The View from the Top
Friday Feb. 9, 2018, 2:00 p.m. - 4:00 p.m
ALA Midwinter Conference, Denver
Colorado Convention Center Room 505

AI, Autonomous Cars, and Libraries - Who, When, Where?

▶ How will these disruptive technologies enter the Library Industry?
▶ Who will lead the innovation?
▶ And what about Robots, Blockchain, and the loss of Net Neutrality?
▶ How will Artificial Intelligence and Self-Driving Cars improve library services and performance?

    ▶ In the age of click and digital download, will driverless library (or Uber or Lyft) delivery services plus robots-to-the-door put printed books and other physical items into readers' hands with comparable ease? Or transport and escort readers to Library programs and browsing opportunities?

    ▶ Alexa: Please deliver to my weekend address the Hungarian cookbook I checked out from my Branch Library last year and fresh -- not frozen -- ingredients for goulash for six. Text me by Thursday if I can't get all this by Friday 6pm. Also, could you recommend a suitable under $15 red wine available at my weekend Whole Foods?

    ▶ Siri or Alexa: Call the Library and make reservations for my two grandchildren and me for the February program on Spring solstice, and ask them to text each of us confirmations. Also, could you ask the Library to send them links to e-books that explain the history of astronomy? And deliver to Amy a book in English or Mandarin about ancient Chinese astronomy a week before the program?

The RMG Seminar is open to everyone for dialogue on topical issues and concerns -- registration is not required.

Attendees are invited to ask questions of Library Industry executives entrusted with delivering platforms and solutions for global library systems, services, and content to thousands of libraries serving millions of library users worldwide.

Participating companies & executives include:
Axiell (Ann Maelerts), BiblioLabs (Mitchell Davis), Demco Software (Ravi Singh), Easy Mile, Index Data (Sebastian Hammer), Innovative Interfaces (James Tallman), Overdrive (Steve Potash), ProQuest (Rich Belanger), SirsiDynix (Bill Davison), The Library Corporation (Annette Murphy)

Rob McGee will moderate the session with assistance from Marshall Breeding and RMG's Geoff Payne (Melbourne Office).

Past seminar topics

Download the icn_global_pdf_sm_b version of the “The Necrology” - the complete history of invited vendors and panelists by year.