RMG’s Expedited ERP Procurement Services for Higher Education

RMG Consultants, Inc., is now offering Expedited ERP System Procurement Services to the Higher Education sector.

“RMG recently took Wooster College through a 6-month ERP planning and procurement process that accomplished what often has taken other institutions one or two years or more,” said Bob Walton, Vice President for Finance and Business at The College of Wooster.

“RMG’s best value planning and procurement services are now proven in the H.E. ERP sector, where confusion, complexity, and great time and expense are too often the norm – instead of the well laid-out plans and disciplined project execution that are hallmarks of RMG’s services,” said Walton.

For 25 years RMG has been one of the world’s leading library technology consulting firms, assisting hundreds of leading libraries and higher education institutions worldwide to plan and buy Integrated Library Systems and other IT-based systems and services. RMG now brings the full benefits of its well-engineered best value library consulting practices to ERP procurements for the Higher Education sector. 

RMG’s ERP Procurement Services

• Designed as enterprise learning processes
• To result in best-fit choices for your institution

RMG’s Expedited Next-Generation Enterprise Resource Planning System Procurement for Small Colleges and Universities

• Begin by working with RMG to adapt RMG’s 6-month project plan template to fit institutional circumstances and needs
• Design the Next-Generation ERP System Procurement Project to evaluate integrated NGS ERP systems and best-of-breed combinations
• Design and organize the NGS procurement project as a Team-Based Learning Process:

To produce informed selections of systems and services with confidence
To prepare the institution for implementation

• Assisted and facilitated by RMG’s senior consultants throughout the process

To develop Team skills
To mentor and develop key personnel to organize and conduct team-based processes

• Featuring expedited development of an NGS RFP (Request for Proposal) or RFI (Request for Information) based on RMG templates
• Resulting in negotiated contracts with vendors of the ERP System and/or Implementation Services and best-of-breed modules.

Please contact RMG for more information.