Licensed RFI and RFP Documents

Through a standard licensing agreement any library can use an RMG Licensed Document and gain the benefit of RMG's unmatched experience and expertise in preparing RFPs/RFIs with hundreds of clients.

Using an RMG Licensed Document can save hundreds of staff hours, and provide the library with a fair and unbiased document designed to solicit competitive prices and needed information on products and services.

  • Packaged on a low flat rate basis that can include options for additional consulting services at key points in the process.
  • Delivered in MS Word format as email attachment.

RMG’s Licensed Documents are designed to make it easy on libraries and vendors to conduct RFI and RFP processes. RMG’s document formats have become industry standards.

  • Libraries reduce time required to develop RFIs and RFPs from months to week to days, and working through the organization and format of these proven documents can help a library avoid oversights and misunderstandings.
  • Vendors find it easier to respond to a familiar document format and organization. Much of the information that libraries need from vendors are standard descriptions of products and services. Their bid departments are set up to work with the familiar format.
  • Procurement Officials typically find that RMG’s documents adapt straightforwardly to local procurement rules and regulations with minimal editing.

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