RMG's basic responsibility is to serve the interests of our clients with honesty, integrity, and competence. Our ethic is to provide independent judgment, objectivity, technical expertise, analytical skills, and concentrated attention to clients' needs. We seek value for our clients, both in the services we provide them and in the library automation products and services that they buy. RMG does not represent systems or vendors, has no bias toward or against any vendor, and no financial interest in the selections made by our clients. We accept only those assignments that we are qualified to perform, and which will bring real benefit to our clients. We recognize that each client has unique needs, therefore, we develop each consulting project specifically to provide the needs of each individual client.


RMG practices evidence-based consulting that is based on objective evaluation of information gathered during investigations of topics and subjects appropriate to the goals and objectives of RMG’s client. RMG seeks to provide deliverables that can withstand the scrutiny of all parties involved in RMG’s consultancy. RMG pledges objectivity and fairness in services to clients.